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    DQ77KB No Video


      Hi All,

      Having trouble with a new build using the DQ77KB. I can't get any video out of the boards. I bought the first one on Jan 3, and after trying to get it going for a few days, I returned it to the retailer who was kind enough to replace it. The new one is doing the exact same thing. I've tried most of the suggestions on this board without success. I'm powering the board thru the 2 pin white connector on top.


      - Tried two different CPUs, a G440 and a G645 (both listed as supported by the board)

      - Tried three different sticks of RAM, 2 Crucial 1 Mushkin

      - Tried clearing the BIOS parameter area

      - Tried the DisplayPort on my U2711 monitor

      - Tried the HDMI port on my TV


      If I power it up without RAM I get the 3 beeps, but that's it.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? Does the board require any special settings, jumpers, or connectors to be used before it will boot?

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          Hi mdf,


          There is no special setting, jumper or connection to use when boot, just by using the power jumper correctly the system should work fine.


          These are our recommendations for this issue:


          - Test the system out of the chassis, minimal configuration please.


          - Let us know the part number for memory and power supply tested.


          - Swap components to narrow the issue (power supply, processor) if possible.

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            Andreas Erlach

            hi mdf,


            dan_intel i have a similar (same) problem:

            - tried one cpu intel pentium g620 (compatible with bios version 0018)

            - tried with different ram modules

            - used the external power connector

            the used components worked well for another dq77kb board!

            if i power up the board with cpu but without ram modules, i also get 3 beeps. if i power up the board with cpu and ram modules i get nothing.

            do you have any other suggestions?

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              Hi Andreas,


              My board finally booted after installing a Core I3 CPU. Just for a test, I put my G440 back in, and again the board wouldn't boot. So, I believe, the CPU compatibility list for this board on BIOS 0018 is not accurate. With the Core CPU back in the socket, I updated the BIOS to 0048 and now all my CPUs work. Hope this helps.

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                Andreas Erlach

                hi mdf,


                can i use any core i3, mentioned in the list of compatible processors for the dq77kb? maybe someone at intel can provide some clarification on that issue?

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                  Does anyone have DQ77KB working with HDMI to HDMI moniter. If so please state the bios you are using and model number of your moniter. Thanks voodolounge

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                    There's definitely an issue regarding the hdmi video output on the DQ77KB. The first DQ77KB board that I had was experiencing video problems. I ended up with a bad bios flash and had to use the Intel warranty to get a replacement. The replacement board I received was a refurbished board and I had to fork out $25.00 for the shipping.


                    Anyways, I'm using the refurbished board and have been experiencing the same video problems as the first one I had. I'm connected via the boards hdmi port to my monitors hdmi port. Sometimes I get video and sometimes I don't. When the video doesn't work my monitor says it has no video signal. I'm currently using the latest bios version 049 dated 01/31/13. I've tried most of the other bios versions as well with similar results.


                    I'm wondering if this could be some sort of power issue for this particular motherboard. I have an external power supply (similar to laptop power brick) that I'm using. I'm wondering whats others have been using and if this could be the issue.


                    Computer build specs


                    Motherboard: DQ77KB Bios 049

                    CPU: Intel I3-3220T

                    Monitor: Hanns-G HZ281HPB

                    Power Supply: 19v/8.4A 160 Watt AC-DC Power Adapterhttp://www.mini-box.com/19v-8-4A-160-Watt-AC-DC-Power-Adapter


                    If we could, can we start getting people who are having video issues post their computer system specs. I think might turn out to be very helpful to sort this issue out.

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                      Looks like I have the same issue DQ77KB no video no post no beeps