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    Enlarge RAID 10

    Tomás Crespo

      Hi, I have a HP Workstation Z400 with an Intel RAID 10 with 4x500GB HDs.


      Now I need more space, so I have bought 4x1,5TB HDs to replace the first ones.


      There is only one partition and is the boot partition. I must do it without reinstall.


      I think I could:

      1. Disk copy the full logic unit into a new 1,5TB
      2. Remove all the disks and boot with the new 1,5TB. Now I have a simple system without array.
      3. Put the other new 3 disks and create a new RAID 10.


      Will this work?


      What software must I use for 1?

      Intel ROM based utility or Intel Matrix Storage will support doing 3 without data loss?


      Thank you very much.


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          Yes, you could try moving from one standalone drive to a RAID 10, the thing would be imaging the RAID 10 to the standalone drive as this would need to be done with a third party software utility, which we do not comment on.

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            Tomás Crespo

            Thanks Daniel.

            If I replace the 500GB disks by 2TB disks one by one and rebuilding the array in each, when I will have my array 10 with all 2TB disks, Could I resize it from Intel Matrix Manager or Intel Rapid Storage Console?  I have read that this option exists for some Intel chips on some kinds of arrays. Mine is ICH10

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              The feature you refer to is called RAID expansion and that is different from what you would like to do. RAID expansion is to add more capacity when you add another drive to the array. You are just changing the hard drives present in the array.


              You may swap each drive at a time and eventually have all new drives in the RAID 10, however, the volume size will remain the same.