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    CATERR Assert - S5500HCV and 2x Xeon X5570


      This system has been happily running 2 x E5504 Xeons for some time now, but today I went and got 2 x X5570's (SLBF3)


      I installed both CPUs and the server wont POST, it just sits there slowly increasing the fan speed -  CATERR 0x0002 is seen from Server Health of the RMM3 portal.


      So I remove CPU 2, and CPU 2's RAM - Boots fine.


      I replace CPU 1 with the CPU 2 I just removed - Boots fine


      I replace CPU 2, take out all RAM sticks except for 1 on Dimm slots A-1 and D-1 - CATERR


      Take out CPU 2 and RAM, boot CPU 1, turn down QPI to 4.8GT/s and RAM down to 800MHz, save, re-install CPU 2 and 1 RAM stick - CATERR


      ARGH!!!!! $@#% I don't understand why this wont work - It's supposed to be a supported configuration!!!!


      Any help as to what I can do to get this going?