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    Hey Intel, why don't you do your job?

    Tyler Colli ns

      Seriously Intel. This GMA 3600 b.s with the non-existant and busted drivers is really, REALLY bad. You burned the users of 4 entire operating systems. XP users have no drivers, Linux users have nothing but terrible 2D-only drivers, Windows 7 Has broken drivers that dont even do half of what the chip was built to do, and Windows 8 Has no drivers. Why on earth wouldn't you provide drivers for the newest operating system? Also, NONE of the platforms have 64-bit drivers, yet the processors the GMA 3600 gpu's are paired up with are all EM64T compliant.


      Im asking you, Intel, what made you decide to screw over all of us buyers of the next generation Atom netbooks? We aren't asking for top of the line stuff here, we are asking for something to work with. Throw us a bone, release the source code for your GMA 3600 drivers, SOMETHING! If you wont help us, then would you just let us help ourselves? Give us some source code at the very least so that the people in the onlline community with the time and skills to do something right (like produce drivers) can actually get something done. There may not be a lot of people online talking about the GMA 3600, but there are still lots of people who DO have a device with that graphics processor on board, and every single one of us are disspointed in you over this. Thats all I have to say at the moment, I'll be suprised if someone from Intel actully looks at this, let alone responds.