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    X-25M not detected by BIOS



      I have this Intel X-25M 80Gb SSD. It was working fine until now. BIOS doesn't detect it. I tried with my friends computer but same, nothing happened. When I boot it'll stuck on the post screen for about 20-30s, normal post would be 3-5s. I can go to BIOS after that but it isn't showing the X-25 only other discs. I have no warranty left so that's out of option. Before this happened I was in Windows (I've W7) and it said that there is malfuction in the driver and I have to do back-up. Then I did what it asked but when I was back-uping the files my computer freezed. And I tried again and same happened. I did boot and the rest is history. I was thinking of trying with SATA to USB adapter. Are they any good? What I already have done:

              -BIOS no detection

              -W7 disc no detection

              -In Windows no detection

              -w/ friends computer no detection