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    Intel Matrix Console Replaced failed drive 82801GR/GH SATA


      I have a DELL Optiplex 330 with RAID 1 Enabled

      Controller: Intel / 82801GR/GH SATA RAID Controller

      Operating System: Windows XP Pro Sp2

      Hard Drives: Samsung HD320KJ (298GB formated) (320GB)

      Software: Intel Matrix Manager v7.8.1013

      Replacement drives: WD5003ABYX 500Gb RE SATA 3.0Gb/S drives


      Existing Configuration:

      Drive 0: OK (320GB) Primary Drive

      Drive 1: Hard Failure had to remove


      Ordered 2 new WD drives to install, what would the best method of rebuild?? Has been a while since I have done this so wanted to review the process. I seem to recall there was an issue when I did this some time ago with using larger drives. The problem seem to occur when I replaced the primary drive 0 with the new drive. I am not concerned to recover to new drive size, old drive size is just fine.


      1) Install 500GB drive as Drive 1 , should I rebuild in BIOS or in OS? (replace failed drive)


      2) Install 500GB drive as Dive 0, should I rebuild in BIOS or in OS? (replace existing functioning drive, preventative)