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    R1304BTLSHBNR Windows SBS 2008 R2 UEFI 1st boot failure after install on ESRT2 RAID10


      I do have that R1304BTLSHBNR server with 4 x 2TB constellation drives in it. In BIOS the RAID option is set to ESRT2 (*LSI). I do have additional USB DVD drive to boot the Windows 2008R2 (actually Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, but that is 2008 R2). Whatever I do, I can't run the Windows 2008R2 on a GPT RAID volume.


      My installation procedure is as follows:


      1. I set the first boot device UEFI USB DVD ( BIOS USB is deleted from the list just to be sure)

      2. Boot from that option

      3. Windows instaler starts

      4. Load driver for ESRT2 -

      Download Center 

      (I have also tried Download Center, they work, but with the same effect - no system boot after install is finished).

      5. Disk is recognized - 3,7 TB (so RAID 10 from four 2TB drives). I press Shift + F10, run diskpart to confirm that the drive is GPT - I see asterix in the GPT so the drive is in GPT partitioning scheme. I create no partitions.

      6. I install Windows Server 2008 R2

      7. After unpacking of files and 1st stage of my installation is complete, the 1st reboot comes.

      8. System boots, I do not press a key to boot from DVD/CD.... and I end up with a black screen and a white "_" in the left corner of my screen.


      If I change the boot order and move the "windows boot manager" after "Intel Embedded AHCI RAID", the system boots, installation might be completed, but I end up in the BIOS booting type and MBR drive. I do not know when and how this is changed.


      If I try to modify the installation procedure with an added SATA DVD or from EFI shell, I end up with the same problem. What am I doing wrong?

      I can switch to Intel RST, divide my RAID10 into two seprated VDs ( ESRT2 has only option for a single VD), then my first VD will be MBR (lets say 150GB) and the second one will be GPT (rest of the 3,7TB space)... but I thought that newer ESRT2 is better as well as the single VD with GPT scheme.



      I could not find any threads or information about problems on ESRT2 UEFI/GPT installation.


      Anyone willing to help ?