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    Energy/Standby USB-issue


      Hi all,


      I do have the Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard, Windows 8, 64-Bit and bought a new headset with a bluetooth-adapter included. When I plug the USB-adapter on my system it works fine.



      After wake up my system from the standby-modus, Windows Device-Manager detects a problem with the adapter. The headset don't work anymore. I do have to unplug and plug again the adapter, then everything is ok.


      What I have done already:

      - Have the newest BIOS

      - Installed Intel Chipset

      - Disabled all USB-Root-Hub to prevent the system to disabled devices to save energy

      - Disabled settings for selective USB-save energy (Windows Energy options)


      All this don't help to solve the problem.


      Thank you.