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    WiFi Link 5300 ".ZIP" file for drivers?


      For the latest Intel WiFi Link 5300 drivers for Windows XP (or Vista), which is v12.4.0.4 - 4/9/09, there is no .zip file containing the drivers.  There is only a ICS_Dx32.exe file and there doesn't seem to be any way to 'extract' the drivers from this executable.  With all previous drivers there has always been a .zip file you could download that contained the drivers.


      Has anyone found a way to extract the drivers from this executable or some other magic link on Intel's website that has the .zip file?  We need to extracted drivers for including in a clone image so the drivers will auto install after dropping the clone on a laptop that has this model of wireless NIC.  (Having an executable doesn't work.)

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          This is very frustrating that Intel has not yet provided a .ZIP file with the 12.4.x driver!  All previous versions of this driver had a .zip file available.  Using an .exe only for the installation of this driver makes it impossible to include this driver in an XP clone so the driver will auto-install if the device exists.

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            Perhaps Intel should take note of the level of community frustration over this and release the files. Frankly, this is pure foolishness from a technical standpoint. There is no reason to not provide a standard archive, unless Intel is specifically installing something on computers they are afraid we do not want there. That potential motivation alone is enough to begin to move away from Intel products.

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              I had emailed Intel and got a reply.  The reply indicated that they would no longer provide a .zip file for the driver and the executable was the only driver available.  I agree with you hmind that it is foolish for Intel to do this.  There's no technical reason not to provide the .zip file with the individual driver files.  It makes including this driver in a clone image impossible if you expect the driver to auto load upon startup of the target pc.  With only providing an executable for the driver, we will now have to manually run this file to install this device driver.  (You'd think as time progresses, the functionality of making clones and auto installing drivers would be made easier by the hardware vendors, but apparently Intel believes reducing the functionality of things is progress.)

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                Due to popular demand, I have posted the ZIP files along with their matching EXE files.  The intention of the EXE was to automate the process for end users.  Now both the EXE and ZIP files are available to satisfy our customers' needs.  Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

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                  I'm not seeing them yet on any of the download pages, including the one linked at the start of this post.  How long does it take before the website reflects the update?

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                    Thank you tpgrec!  I don't see them available yet on the download page, but hopefully soon.


                    As an FYI, having an .EXE only is fine if you can extract the individual driver files from it, but for this driver, there was no way to do that.

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                      I submitted the changes yesterday afternoon.  Our Web site manager has to approve them as some verbiage modifications were made in addition to adding files.  You should expect them by early next week.  Please provide your email address if you are in dire need of the ZIP files.  I will post them on FilesAnywhere and grant you temporary access for downloading.  Thank you.

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                        Hi there tpgrec, I'm fbichief, I would like a link to download these files as I have an Acer laptop but the network controler is not picking up any other drivers I have downloaded for this particular laptop...sooo....please....send me the files or the link to download the files, I am at fgpeltier@hotmail.com.


                        Thanks a million,


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                          fbichief, you simply need to goto Intel's website to get these drivers now.  Did you not look there first??  Here's a direct link to their download center. (http://downloadcenter.intel.com/default.aspx)


                          Your Acer laptop has to have an Intel wireless card of course before the Intel drivers will do you any good.  It sounds like you don't know what model/brand of wireless card is in your laptop, so that's makes it a bit hard to know what driver to download, so you may have to try multiple wireless drivers.  If you don't have an Intel wireless card, then the Intel drivers will be useless to you.

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                            Hello fbichief,


                            khemmelman provided some good advice (Thank you!).  More specifically, the 5300/5100 drivers can be obtained by going to http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Product_Filter.aspx?ProductID=3062&lang=eng, which can be accessed from the main Download Center link he provided.  Simply choose your operating system and click Go.  The driver EXE and ZIP packages are available.


                            I would also like to suggest using our new tool called the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility.  It will detect the wireless adapter on your system and recommend an update if the driver or Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility (if installed) require one.  Those who do not possess an Intel wireless adapter should contact their manufacturer.


                            Thank you,