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    Unable to configure SSD cache on new Lenovo Y500

    Steve Koehler

      Hi, I just recently purchased a Lenovo Y500 Ideapad laptop, which is supposed to allow me to use the Intel Rapid Storage Technology feature to enable caching on a 16GB mSata drive that it comes with.


      I followed these instructions (note there is not option for RAID in the BIOS, just AHCI):





      These are the drivers I used when loading Win8 setup disk and the IRST utility used to configure within Windows:





      During the Windows 8 installation process, I was able to load the drivers with no issue. However once install was complete, and I installed the IRST util, it does not offer me an "Accelerate" button to configure the drive cache. When I called Lenovo support about this, after being on hold on and off for almost an hour, they looked up tech specs and informed me the chipset allows for the SSD caching with no software intervention....in other words the hardware "automatically takes care of everything." I'm struggling to believe them on this statement.




      Then, in reading the IRST install notes from Intel, I discovered a note stating the chipset driver needed to be installed first. So I uninstalled IRST, rebooted, installed chipset driver from Lenovo drivers page, rebooted, then reinstalled IRST, and rebooted. Still no "Accelerate" button. Also per some of the comments in the IRST install readme, I see under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" a device named "Intel(R) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller" which uses a driver called iaStorA.sys version from Intel.




      If it makes any difference, in Windows disk management I see my 16GB mSata (drive 0) with a 350MB NTFS partition, and the rest unallocated. The main 1TB drive (drive 1) is C: and the entire thing is one NTFS partition.




      Can anyone confirm if I should be seeing an accelerate button in IRST, or how I can tell is drive caching is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated....this is driving me insane!!




      Included below is the system report from IRST showing config details:


      System Report


      System Information

      OS name:  Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise

      OS version:  6.2.9200  9200

      System name:  STEVELAPTOP15

      System manufacturer:  LENOVO

      System model:  20193

      Processor:  GenuineIntel Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 2.401  GHz

      BIOS:  LENOVO, 6BCN31WW(V1.03)


      Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise Information

      Kit installed:

      User interface version:

      Language:  English (United States)

      Driver version:

      ISDI version:


      Storage System Information

      Controller name:  Intel(R) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller

      Type:  SATA

      Mode:  AHCI

      Number of SATA ports:  3

      Number of volumes:  0

      Number of spares:  0

      Number of available disks:  2

      Rebuild on Hot Plug:  Disabled

      Manufacturer:  32902

      Model number:  7683

      Product revision:  4

      Direct attached disk:  124502301612

      Direct attached disk:  S2U5J9ACB05565


      Disk on Controller 0, Port 0

      Status:  Normal

      Type:  SATA SSD

      Location type:  Internal

      Size:  15 GB

      System disk:  No

      Disk data cache:  Enabled

      Command queuing:  NCQ

      SATA transfer rate: 6 Gb/s

      Model:  SanDisk SSD U100 16GB                 

      Serial number:  124502301612

      SCSI device ID:  0

      Firmware:  10.52.01

      Physical sector size:  512 Bytes

      Logical sector size:  512 Bytes


      Disk on Controller 0, Port 1

      Status:  Normal

      Type:  SATA disk

      Location type:  Internal

      Size:  932 GB

      System disk:  Yes 

      Disk data cache:  Enabled

      Command queuing:  NCQ

      SATA transfer rate: 3 Gb/s

      Model:  ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB                 

      Serial number:  S2U5J9ACB05565

      SCSI device ID:  1

      Firmware:  2AR10001

      Physical sector size:  4096 Bytes

      Logical sector size:  512 Bytes


      ATAPI device on Controller 0, Port 2

      Location type:  Internal

      SATA transfer rate: 1.5 Gb/s

      Model:  HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GU70N                 

      Serial number:  M46C9QL1638

      Firmware:  DE01