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    DX79SR Channels A&B not working (dead memory slots??)

    Juan Francisco

      Hi, on my last trip to US I bought a DX79SR. I installed it with 64gb of ram but only 32gb are recognized: at the BIOS I can read "no memory installed" for channels A&B.


      My config is:

      Intel i7 3930K

      Intel DX79SR

      64gb Kingston Hyperx Blu 1600MHz (8x8)

      2x SSD

      2x HDD (Sata II)

      Seasonic x850 Gold


      What I've already tried:


      - Swapping the memories (all of them are working on channel C&D).

      - Updated BIOS to last version.

      - Clearing CMOS (jumper in configuration mode, battery out... should I do something else?).

      - Loosen CPU Cooler (Noctua DH14).


      I think that's all... any ideas? I fear the slots are dead... Unfortunatly I'm from Argentina so I cannot send the motherboard back. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!


      Juan F.


      PS: I've already contacted Intel support... they didn't give any solutions, they are supposed to contact me back.