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    PCI-e SII 3132 eSATA card in S1200BTL

    Alan Madill

      I am trying to install a Startech PCI-e PEXESATA2 eSATA card in an Intel server with the S1200BTL motherboard.  It isn't recognised in slots 4 to 6 and in slot 3 the system boots very slowly and will not get to a welcome screen.  I don't think it is compatible, I have the latest BIOS etc and the card works in another brand.  I'm trying to connect an external 4 drive caddy for use with SBS 2011 windows backup.  The manufacturer recomends the SII 3132 chipset as it will support multiple LUNs on the eSATA bus.  Has anyone found a similar card that will work in this system?