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    Intel DZ77GA-70K UEFI Boot Issues!


      Ok now I have a new issue with the UEFI BIOS. This thing scared the crap out of me last night because I switched off the Legacy Boot process check-box and just left the UEFI Boot check-box marked only. My system would not POST after that so something is wrong with the UEFI boot process all together. I couldn't get into the UEFI without using a wired USB Keyboard also as I mentioned prior. I had to move the BIOS jumper to pins 2 and 3 to get into the maintenance mode and then mark the Legacy check-box again before the board would POST like it was prior. I'm really regretting not going with the ASUS board now. I hope that this UEFI is fixed soon. You know every review I read about this board talked Intel up for the stability of their boards. They said it wasn't as good of an over clocking board but that it would be stable. Well I want that stability now rather than later. Has anyone heard anything on a BIOS fix as of yet?

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          Hello Landon,


          We have not had any issues or reports from customers or in our lab systems with this board and enabling UEFI. Please make sure you followed a clean installation of the Operating System and that you have the latest BIOS update available.


          The latest BIOS version can be downloaded from the following web site:


          Download Center


          Please be sure to read and follow all accompanying instructions, which can be found at this link:


          Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

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            My system work with UEFI boot check as long as I also have legacy boot checked as well. Are you saying to install the OS again with only the UEFI boot option checked without the legacy boot box being checked? I am on BIOS version 0061 but I just had a support tech in chat tell me to roll back to version 0049 as that was the version the Marvell Controller was fixed because it is now broken again and my secondary drive is disappearing with any transfer ( large read/write) to or from the drive. The ticket number on that is 8000598167. I really don't want to flash back 12 versions with all the long list of fixes since then if that makes sense. I'm not the only one with the drives disappearing requiring a reboot each time and that's my major problem at this point. Thanks!