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    BSOD with DC3217IYE and Windows 8 Pro

    Romain Wilbert

      Hello !


      I just bought a DC3217IYE NUC + 2x4gb Corsair DDR3 ram + Crucial 128gb SSD drive.


      I tried to install Windows 8 pro, which went pretty well, but when I try to restart Windows, I always have a BSOD with a IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error in rdyboost.sys.


      This happens with OR without installing the Intel drivers.

      I ran a Memtest -which passed.

      I don't have an antivirus software (other than Windows Defender).

      All BIOS settings are default.

      The SSD firmware is up to date.

      The NUC BIOS is up to date.


      I tried to reboot in safe mode => BSOD

      When I shutdown the NUC, unplug the power cable, and start the NUC => Windows boots correctly

      I tried to run the "sfc /scannow" command, but it end with an error saying that it could't be started

      I tried to run a checkdisk => no errors but nothing changes, still BSOD afterwards

      I tried to reinstall Windows => same happens after first or second reboot


      I don't know where to look to identify the cause of this error. Any hints ?