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    Intel Stock Cooler

    Dragos Netea

           Bought an Intel I5 3470 Ivy Bridge and using the stock cooler. I have noticed a strange behaviour as soon as I first powered up the system. The cooler will not start spinning immediatly, instead it will go through 2 impulses ( will twich) before it actually starts spinning. Every time the exact same behaviour. I have isolated this to the cooler after testing it on 2 different platform configurations and also after powering it from a case-fan connector (3pin).

           Asked questions on several community forums and did not get a consistent answer, but the general oppinion would be that this is normal.


           Do I have any reasons to be concerned?

           If this behaviour is indeed normal, can anyone explain the reason behind it? To someone not experienced this would look like a short somewhere down the cables powering up the cooler, the only thing that made me think otherwise was the fact that the pattern was always the same, 2 impulses then the actual spinning at the end of the POST sequence.


      Thank you.