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    DH77EB - Cannot run memory in dual channel mode


      Hello all,


      I recently purchased this board (DH77EB), Core i3-3225, and two different 8gb DDR3 1600 memory kits (Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb and G.Skill Ares 2x4gb).  When trying to run either kit in dual channel mode, I get the three beep error.


      Both kits will work in single channel mode (slots 1&3) or alone in slot 1.  Both kits will run with the XMP profile in single channel mode.  However, I have been unable to get either kit to work in dual channel with any number of different timings at all.  The default timing for both kits is 9-9-9-24.  I have tried up to 11-11-11-28 with no luck.  I have the most recent bios (0098).


      I'll admit, I have been out of building machines for about 10 years.  I may be missing something.  Any help is appreciated.