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    Intel NUC - Cannot F2 into BIOS @ Bootup


      I have a new Intel NUC with the following:

           Ethernet Model

           256GB mSATA SSD (Crucial CT256M4SSD3)

           Dell basic keyboard (USB), Apple wired with 2 USB on it keyboard (circa 2003), wired PS2->USB adapter with wireless keyboard


      Using all the keyboards listed above I cannot get into the BIOS by pressing F2.  I'm using BIOS .36, just updated from .20.  Pressing F2 at startup causes the machine to reboot (ie the Intel F2/F10/etc. startup menu reappears in about 2 seconds).


      What can I do to fix this?


      Also, the screw used to screw down the NUC's mSATA SSD cannot be unscrewed.  I don't know if it's stripped or just an odd size, but I'm unable to get it out so I can screw the mSATA disk down.  This causes no issues, as I don't move the system much, but it is a bit of an annoyance.  The 1/2 size mPCIe screw is also similarly not able to be removed, but I don't have anything in that socket, so not an issue presently.


      OS:  Win7, latest updates

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