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    DH61AG - 19V DC power requirements


      Hi, I`m currently building a system based around this board, but I am a bit confused about power requirements and setup. As far as I can tell, the board has a 19v dc input, SATA devices are powered directly off of the board, as is the system fan, which is fine as I only need to add up the amp requiement of all the various parts and buy an appopriate rated power supply.


      The thing is, I have an external LCD screen and controller that needs its own 12v / 4A power supply. Is there any way I can provide those 12v / 4a from the motherboard, or from the external 19v DC adaptor?


      the system will have a 2.5" SSD drive, a optical drive, and the i7-3770S.


      The reason is I want to avoid having to connect up two different power adaptors, i don`t mind buying a high capacity DC adaptor to do that.


      regards Jason,