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    Games are laggier on my HD 4000 than HD 3000


      Hello.I have a problem.I have recently bought an ASUS VivoBook S200(X202e) with intel core i3 3217u.On my friend's laptop with HD3000 Need for Speed World and other games works on medium.I have lag on medium ,on low works fine.And I FOUND THE PROBLEM,but I can't solve it.The gpu doesn't rise from 350MHz to 1050MHz.It raises only to 650 MHz and extremely rare to 1050MHz.This can be a governor problem.But how to change the GPU Governor?(My GPU is already set on Maximum Performance).In Intel Extreme Tuning Utility I don't get a graphics tuning page...Maybe if I buy a Windows 8 ,other than the preinstalled will solve the problem??Even in windows experience index the score is lower than it is meant to be.Is only 4.4 on desktop graphics and 6.0 on gaming graphics.Thanks