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    Updating BIOS on DG43NB


      My new DG43NB motherboard is working with Vista 64 and a Q9400 Quad processor. I have got a few fan warnings and had 1 lockup (in 5 days). I decided to update the BIOS since I saw that the new BIOS changed some temp thresholds and I figured it might make it more stable (lockup).


      My BIOS revision is 0054 (2008 8 13). The latest available on the web is 0077 (2009 3 16)


      Method 1:I tried the recomended method of running "NBG4310H.86A.0077.EB.EXE". The program runs, then reboots my computer, then tells me that "The BIOS update was Succesful." Unfortunaly it LIES, because the firware version is still 0054. I tried it repeatedly. Still 0054.


      Method 2: I downloaded the ISO file: "NB0077.ISO". I used an online utility to create the CD from ISO. My computer would not boot from it. I figured the utility made a bad CD. So I got a recomendation of a better utility: "BurnCDcc". I used it. Still wouldn't boot. I tried my Vista boot Cd to check my drive. It booted fine. I saw something in the BIOS notes about a SATA boot bug, so I installed an IDE CD drive. The CD still would not boot. Ahhh! I suspect that BIOS 0054 will not boot/read a CD made from the Intel "NB0077.ISO" file.


      Looks like methods 3, 4 (create bootable CD or Flash) are tricky. Any advice?