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    Intel i5 on chipset HM70


      Hello, i have an hp 650 with chipset hm70 express and intel b820; the same notebook there is also with chipset hm75 and intel i5 3210m.


      Now i should install the i5 3250, must i change also the chipset ? or can i change only the processor ? (i think that i cannot change the chipset, it's soldered to mainboard).



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          In fact, you cannot change the chipset in the system as it is an integral part of the motherboard.


          In the other hand, if you will be keeping the same computer, there might be many different options for you to upgrade or replace your processor with. We recommend contacting the computer manufacturer as they have set the valid compatibility list between the computer, the BIOS and the available processors in the market. The system manufacturer should also provide the specifications on what technologies from the processor might or might not be supported.


          Please bear in mind that what limits the compatibility is the computer itself (motherboard and bios) not the processor. The motherboard requires to have the proper micro code to manage the processor, if not, the system will not work, and it is the computer manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer who develops the BIOS to include the microcode for the processor 

          You can refer to this URL for their contact information: