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    Intel HD Graphics 2nd Gen Black Screen with Forced VSync ON Bug



      I have a Laptop with i3-2330M (HD3000) on Win7 64bit and a PC with G620 (HD2000) on Win7 32bit

      Using the latest driver ( and both showing the same symptoms


      When i try to force VSync ON from the Driver (Intel Control Panel) games (at least DirectX games, not sure about OpenGL) such as JustCause2 will gets Black Screen (sometimes there are random R/G/B pixels at the left side of the black screen, little artifacts maybe?) when running in Fullscreen


      Sometimes i can get back to Desktop using Alt-Tab/Pressing Windows/Ctrl+Alt+Del Buttons, but sometimes the desktop will remains black also


      Having Vsync ON in driver, if the in-game Vsync is ON it may works properly, but if the in-game Vsync is OFF it will gets Black Screen


      There is also another weird thing happened while i was having black screen (both in game and desktop were black), since i can't get the desktop to visible anymore, i tried to press the Sleep button, after WakeUp i can see the login screen, but after login everything goes to Black again and then i heard sounds like a USB device being plugged-in and out,in-and-out,in-and-out continuously O.o (not sure if it's related, never happened before)


      These weird behaviors only happened when VSync is forced/always ON in Driver, using Application Settings changing in-game VSync ON/OFF doesn't have any problem.

      Give it a try and you'll see what i'm talking about.


      There are games i played which doesn't have Vsync option in the game, so i was hoping i can force it from the driver and i prefer VSync On instead of a tearing gameplay


      Anyone here know where should i report this bug to?


      Edit: Tested on Unigine Heaven DX11 Benchmark, the OpenGL interface didn't get black screen, but the DirectX interface does became black when i turn off vsync during benchmark (by pressing ESC), i guess only directx games that affected by the driver vsync bug.

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          Hi adamn,


          I recommend you keep the vsync option set to “Application Settings” in the Intel Graphics Control Panel so; if the game requires vsync then the game will use it, and if the game does not require it then vsync will not be used.



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            Hi, thanks for replying, and yes with "Application Settings" vsync works properly as i said in my 1st post.


            My point is to report a possible bug with the latest intel driver (which could also cause other bug if the same code being used in other part of the driver without the developer knowing it)


            VSync works properly whether i use "Application Settings", "ON" or "OFF" with the Intel GMA4500 driver on my old PC, geforce and radeon driver also works properly with forced vsync, only 2nd Gen Intel HD that seems to have vsync bug especially with newer driver.