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    What should idle temperature be for 3970x with RTS2011LC?


      I just purchased and setup a new computer.  I'm running an Intel 3970x on an Intel DX79SR motherboard, with an Intel RTS2011LC thermal solution.  Immediately after the build, from the BIOS the processor temperature reads 65-66 degrees Celsius (and holds there).  This sounds too high even for this processor and cooler?  Could the BIOS be wrong?  Do I need to re-seat the cooler?  What could I have done wrong?  I know the RTS2011LC is running (the light on the pump is on, you can feel the hot liquid moving through one of the hoses, the fan is running and you can feel the hot air being pushed out).  I'm not doing any overclocking, everything is stock and set to their defaults out of the box.


      If it matters, I'm using an Antec midtower case with two additional fans (excluding the one on the RTS2011LC).  There's really nothing else in the build that could generate heat other than an AMD v5900 video card and an Intel SSD.  Again however, I'm seeing these temperatures in the BIOS (no OS loaded yet), so everything should be fairly idle.  Even when opening the case up, the processor temperature in the BIOS only drops two degrees.


      I would appreciate any assistance or advice.  I just want to make sure nothing is wrong before I proceed.  Thank you.



      **** UPDATE ****


      Just an update.  After reading other users' experience and temperatures with this processor and cooler, I decided to remove the RTS2011LC cooler reseat it.  In doing so I noticed that the TIM hadn't evenly spread during the previous install (the RTS2011LC install was somewhat tricky first time around).  I cleaned off the old TIM, reinstalled the RTS2011LC (since the RTS2011LC comes with two TIM packets), and restarted the machine.  I also updated the BIOS to the latest version.  According to the DX79SR BIOS "processor temperature" reading it's pretty much at the same point as previously encountered with the system sitting idle in the BIOS screen.


      In order to further investigate, I went ahead and installed Windows 7 64-bit and Intel desktop utilities.  The hardware monitor shows the "processor temperature" at 46.  Why the 20 degree difference between the desktop utilities and the BIOS?