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    Pentium 4 issues


      I purchased an Pentium 4 model 650 3.4 gig 2mb cache to replace my P4 model 540 3.2 gig 1mb cache and game performance is terrible. am i missing something in the bios or a setting in windows? games run fine with the 540 with no lag. anyone have an idea?

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          Which board are you using?  Did you verify you are using the latest BIOS update for your board, and that the processor is on the supported processor list for that board?


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            its an intel 915pgn board and according to the processor list it will take it and higher processors. but its a moot point now i bought an ECS board with a 965 chipset and have had no problems with it so far

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              and yes i have the last newest bios for this board. im beginning to wonder if it isnt a speedstep problem. cuz there isnt a way to shut it off in the bios,  i bought an ECS 965 chipset MOBO and can turn off speed step and games have no lag with the newer processor