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    DZ77RE-75K boot problems

    steven swager



      I recently bought an Intel motherboard (Intel BOXDZ77RE75K) and am having booting issues with it.

      When doing a cold boot (anything longer then say 15 minutes of being turned off) it's staying at POST code 30 for about 10-11 seconds, then shuts off for 5 seconds, then starts again (indefinitely in a loop).


      I have noticed that if I unplug the power during one of the loops and leave it unplugged for a couple minutes then plug it back in it will usually boot just fine and will continue to run fine with no problems.  The problem only appears after letting it sit turned off for more then 15 minutes, doing a restart or shutdown and turning it back on works perfectly fine.


      I have barely anything connected to it. The CPU is a i5-3570K The RAM is a pair of G.Skill ripjaw x series 32GB PC3-1600and a corsair 750w PSU.


      I have tried swapping ram from my old system that I know is good, the PSU is good as well as it still powers my old system fine, and I have upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (61) and also reset the bios to factory settings.


      I'm running out of ideas, so if anyone has some!



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          Hello Steven,


          Here are our recommendations to narrow this issue:


          - Place the board over a non-conducting surface and test it on a minimal configuration. No add in components and also proceed to test the system with minimum memory.


          - Even though we know the power supply is working fine, we recommend testing with a different one just to narrow the issue.


          -Check all the connections on the system.


          - Clear the CMOS battery for 30 minutes and restore default settings in the BIOS.

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            Jarvin Vivas

            hello I have the same problem on my card code 30 you could solve it? thanks, sorry for my English