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    Can you split SSD 520-480GB into Boot and Acceleration?


      Tell me if this is a) Possible and b) Recommended.


      Intel DZ77RE-75K Mobo

      SATA0: Intel SSD 520 480Gig

      SATA1: Any other SATA drive, currently ST32000641AS


      I had the idea to install Win7 x64 just shy of 64GB of space for use with IRST acceleration.

      Install Win7 on it as the Boot/OS drive.

      Add the second spinning HD on SATA1 for programs/data.

      Accelerate the spinning drive with IRST.


      It seems to me that it would be the best of both worlds.

      Can it be done? (before i waste my time)

      What is the downside, other than the traditional warnings about SSD potential data failure on C:?