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    DH61HO BIOS hangs with "EB" when VL800-Q8 USB3 pci-e card installed.

    erik piip


      Here is an interesting issue I'm having with a new system build.


      System Config:

      DH61HO Motherboard

      - V0012 BIOS

      - i5-3470S CPU

      - 16 GB memory


      This works fine, however when I add am akasa USB 3.0 PCI express card to the system, BIOS hangs with "EB"... Have to hit reset or cycle power to restart. Ctrl-Alt-Del has no efect! :-(


      - Card uses VL800-Q8 chip.

      - System behaves the same if card pluged into either 1x Slot, or the 16x


      I've tried the card in a older core2 based motherboard, and it works fine.


      Thouts?O m1ho