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    Boot/Restart Issue with S3420GPLX

    Luigi Stroili

      Hy everybody.


      I've read about several issue with this mb, but nothing like mine : I'm building a small server for administration in my workshop.

      I have S3420 GPLX with XEON X3440, 4 gb ram DDR3 1333Mhz, Hd 500Gb, no raid (at the moment), non-Intel Chassis,

      video card NVIDIA QUADRO 600, O.S. MUST be Win XP sp3.


         At POST, there is a machine's strange behaviour : sometimes (very often) POST doesn't start and I must reset and power on several times

      to start the machine (sometime also reset Bios ROM).

      Always possible is power-off via O.S. software, but always impossible to make a restart via O.S. software : machine stops but don't reboot.

        When machine has started, it work fine, good CPU temperature, no hang-on, all OK.


         I've tried also the Intel CLI and it work fine, but to restart machine I must reset, power off and then power on, having the same horrible stuff.


         Any idea ?


         Thanks everybody, Regards