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    Correct SATA drivers


      I just got a new laptop.  CPU is Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo Mobile P8600 Dual-Core Processor @ 2.40GHz 1066FSB 3MB L2 Cache
      and motherboard is Intel(R) PM45 + ICH9M Chipset LGA775 16X PCI-E Platform Mainboard.  I am having problems installing XP on this machine, and I believe its due to the fact that it cannot load drivers for the onboard SATA connection.

      Forgive me if this is a dumb questions, but which SATA drivers would I need for this?  I kept looking through the support downloads page, but couldn't really find anything that exactly matched what I have.  The closest I came were downloads for the Mobile PM45 board stuff, but can anyone narrow down which drivers would be the sata drivers?  I'll need the .sys to slipstream it into my windows cd.

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          What's the actual issue that you are having? Is XP* not seeing the hard drive? What is the make and model of the laptop? Did your laptop come without an OS, or did it come with Vista*?


          Depending upon the problem, the download you are looking for may be a storage controller driver (AHCI?) - one in which you'd use the F6 function (which typically requires a driver on a diskette) during the install process when the install process is doing the hardware scan of your system. Typically, you'd get this type of driver download from the original device manufacturer (ODM) if your system is a "white book," from the mobile board manufacturer or ODM if it is a build-it-yourself (BTO) laptop, or from your OEM (ex. Dell*, HP*, Lenovo*, Fujitsu*, Toshiba* ....etc). Have you checked with the ODM or OEM of your system? Or, in the case of a system build with an Intel mobile board (a board with not just the chipset, but the Intel branded mobile board), you might check with the place of purchase to see if the have a location to download the driver you need.


          If the OS does not see a hard drive during the XP install, you might check to see whether or not AHCI is enabled or not in the BIOS. If you don't have a driver to load (via F6) during the XP install process, you might try to change the AHCI setting in the BIOS (either to something like IDE or Legacy depending upon the BIOS setting options you have) and try the install process again. Make sure to check any documentation (user manuals, install guides, setup instructions...etc) that came with your laptop and do a little research on the BIOS options available for your particular system. Obviously the system will run much better with an AHCI driver, so disabling (or changing the setting for) AHCI in the BIOS is not the best solution long term, but it may help you get the OS installed.    


          Possible solution?



          Microsoft* Windows XP cannot detect hard disk during installation.


          Option 1

          Load the AHCI driver (Intel® Matrix Storage Manager) via floppy at the F6 install during Windows startup

          Option 2

          In order to load Microsoft Windows XP without installing the AHCI driver, use the BIOS Setup Utility to either set the onboard SATA controller to 'IDE' mode or disable the AHCI setting (depending upon which BIOS is used); however, this will mean that the features supported by AHCI will not be available on the system.


          Recommended Software Installation Procedures and Software Load Order Instructions:

          • If starting with a brand new OS install, update the BIOS (if necessary) before installing any operating system, software, or drivers.
          • Reboot
          • Install Microsoft* Windows* XP (Home, Professional, or Media Center Edition) - (reboot as necessary)
          • Apply the latest Windows* XP SP  (service pack) - (reboot as necessary)
          • The first driver to install is the chipset driver (Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility).
          • Reboot
          • Install the video driver next. - (reboot as necessary)
          • Then install other drivers such as LAN, WLAN, and/or Card reader…and others as necessary. (Note: Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection Wireless LAN software must be installed, which includes the WLAN driver and the WLAN device configuration utilities).


          Here are some links you might check out to see if the information provided is of any use to you in troubleshooting the problem:






          Intel Customer Support

          *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

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            the link that john posted above makes mention of something called slipstreaming.

            It the ability to integrate drivers in the installation so that you won't need any aditional F6 drivers.


            This can be done quickly and easily with a little free utility called nLite. search for in in google.


            It will have an option to 'Integrate Drivers' and you can integrate something called Text Mode Drivers (drivers to be used during the first part of the installation).


            You can download just the drivers needed for this from here: