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    Intel HD4000 DVI monitor black screen when turning on/off TV


      My setup works great with dual monitors, most of the time. However, if I turn on/off the TV (my secondary monitor), it also causes the primary monitor to lose signal. The screen turns black and "blips" every 6 seconds or so. No messages appear on the monitor. The only fix is to restart PC or disconnect and reconnect the DVI. Turning on/off the receiver, or changing inputs on the receiver does not cause any issues.


      Anyone have any idea what could be causing my monitor to not be able to re-establish connection? The strange thing is that when I turn on/off the receiver, my monitor goes black for a second or two, but always comes back. It just doesn't come back when turning on/off the TV.


      I've tried updating to the latest drivers, still with no luck.


      So here's my setup:

      • Windows 8 x64 Pro
      • Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard
      • Intel i7-3770k (latest drivers
      • Samsung monitor connected to DVI
      • Samsung plasma TV connected to Onkyo TX-SR508 connected to HDMI