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    Not all installed memory available or visable


      I recently built the following two PC's:


      1) Intel G41 M/board, Intel E7400 CPU, with 4Gb RAM (2x Transcend JetRam High-Performance 2GB DDR2-800 240-Pin Module, CL5, 4-Layer)

      2) Intel P45 M/board, Intel Q9550 CPU, with 8Gb RAM (4x Transcend JetRam High-Performance 2GB DDR3-1333 240-Pin Module, CL9, 6-Layer)


      On startup both PC's have no errors and continues into Windows XP. All software work fine. The BIOS setup indicates the DIMM configuration as described above.


      Why would the physical memory shown on software tools like DXDIAG and TASK MANAGER, only be around 3Gb of RAM on both machines?

      (It is as if the the system recognises the full RAM capacity but the OS only sees 3Gb).


      Hope you some suggestions.