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    No video output - DC3217IYE - Bad HDMI ports?


      Is there anything known that would cause a complete lack of video output over HDMI?.  I installed memory, mSATA SSD, and wireless card.  I fired up the DC3217IYE expecting a splash screen, nothing, no output at all, my monitor went to sleep when it could not detect an analog or digital signal.


      My monitors are both DVI only.  I thought it was the HDMI-DVI adapter I was using along with regular HDMI cable.  Next tried a HDMI to DVI cable instead of the adapter, no luck.  Finally I tried plugging directly into my TV - HDMI to HDMI - nothing.  Connected my Blu-Ray player to the same HDMI cable I just pulled out of the NUC and got a signal - so not the cable obviously.


      Everything seems fine other than I am not getting a video output whatsoever. I can hear the fan spin up a little. I get a hard drive activity light etc.  May have to box up and send back to Amazon for a new one...