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    HD 4000 and Sony Movie Studio Suite 12


      I have 2 problems:


      1. I have just updated the HD 4000 driver to from 2875.  Now rendering a project with GPU support is unusable (it worked fine with the previous driver).  With the new driver it was forecasting 500 hours or more to render a 5 minute project!  Rendering works with GPU support switched off, but there is a problem with the new driver.
      2. New Blue Titler Ex included in the Suite requires GPU support and although it is supposed to work with HD 4000 it does not function properly (on either driver) with black text on a black background etc.

      Any advice?  I bought my current laptop (Toshiba win 7 64 bit) so I could benefit from HD 4000 and it's not doing it for me at the moment.



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          Bear in mind Intel makes available generic versions of the Intel® graphics drivers. However, Intel always recommends that you check with your computer manufacturer and use the latest Intel graphics driver provided by your computer manufacturer.  Your computer manufacturer may have altered the features, incorporated customization, or made other changes in the drivers they provide for your computer.


          If the issue persists with the graphics driver from system manufacturer I recommend the following troubleshooting steps:


          For the rendering issue roll back to the Previously released graphics driver since there could be a problem with the latest graphics driver version. Here is the link:




          For the Newblue Titler Ex issue, I recommend you contact the developer for additional information and troubleshooting assistance.




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            Thanks Michael


            On issue 1 I reinstalled the graphics driver from the Toshiba website and I am back to normal working, so thanks for that.  I guess what threw me is that the Intel Driver Update Utility did not report a customised Manufacturer driver so I thought it was ok to proceed.


            On issue 2 New Blue have confirmed that the TitlerEX will not run HD 4000.  Disappointing, because I checked the system specs for the Movie Suite before purchase and it says HD 4000 is ok.  New Blue seems to think it's ok that a customer isn't told the full specs required, but at least Sony have acknowledged the problem and are putting things right.


            Thanks again.