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    Full Screen Gaming Aspect Ratio and Resolution Issues


      After messing around for 2 hours, I've decided to ask for some help on the forums. So here is my problem: I recently bought a new laptop with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU and a Nvidia 650m (2GB) GPU. I installed the latest drivers of both the GPU's. I attached a 5:4 1280x1024 19 inch monitor to my laptop which I use as my only display. I am trying to setup a game (League of Legends) to run @ a 1280x720 resolution to have a more advantageous aspect ratio and I don't want the image to be stretched to cover my entire monitor. Currently I'm able to get the game running at the desired resolution and prevent scaling by setting the in-game resolution to 1280x720 and using the ctrl+alt+F11 option while the game is loading. However when I alt+tab out of the game, the resolution of my desktop is changed to 1280x720 and I don't want that to happen. When I alt+tab out of the game to my desktop the resolution should be set to 1280x1024 again. When I go back to the game the resolution should be set at 1280x720 again. Now I think that I should probably use the ctrl+alt+F11 hotkey to change the Panel Fitting again before alt+tabbing to my desktop. The problem however, is that after the game is loaded, the hotkeys don't work anymore. I was hoping maybe someone could give me some advice so I can fix the problem.

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          Hi droelski,


          It looks like your system is currently running switchable graphics; this means that your computer runs Intel graphics and Nvidia at same time. This type of computers do not use generic Intel drivers, they require special drivers from the computer manufacturer. I would highly recommend you contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance.