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    Win8: ETA on driver update for the 965/x3100?




      I would like to inquire about Intel's future plans for fixing the current set of drivers for the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family. As it stands, the current driver for the Intel 965 Chipset is unable to complete the basic Windows 8 Windows Experience Index test, and, furthermore, performs poorly in comparison to the Win7-platform.


      In more detail, this problem has been described here:




      Please note: Simply referring me to the official FAQ and your general stance on "Windows 8 graphics drivers for older graphics controllers" will not be considered a sufficient response. Not taking responsibility for providing these fixes, in particular when Microsoft also has stated to not be providing future updates, leave your consumers stuck in a limbo between two companies refusing to take action. Please provide us with an ETA, or, at the very least, reassure us that you are working on sorting out these issues of maintenance with Microsoft.


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