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    DH77DF - front mic gain problem


      I have a question perhaps someone might be able to answer.  I recently upgraded to a DH77DF  (mini-ITX w/H77 chipset, 0104 BIOS) board, and I'm using a headset with separate mic/headphones plugs.  They plug into the front panel inputs, which in turn, plug into the motherboard through the HD Audio input.  When I plug in my headset, I specify "Headphones" to the prompt by the Realtek audio driver.


      I have mic input, but I have to bump up the gain in Win7 to +30db (maximum) before I can be heard easily in a game (Starcraft).  This is the same headset I used with my previous system board (and same game), and I didn't need to raise the gain at all. 


      So, do I need some type of powered headset or a USB headset to get better mic input?  Is this related to "HD Audio", and that it simply doesn't work well with line-powered, cheap headsets?