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    Cpu not working at correct speed?


      My CPU is not working at correct speed i don't know why this happens if anyone knows please tell me.

      it working at 2.0ghz but it shows 3.0 ghz in bios plz help


      Specifications -


      Window xp professional 32-bit

      Intel pentium4 3.0 GHz

      ram- 1.49gb




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          It would help if you knew the "S-spec" number of the processor:


          Processors — How to find your processor Spec number


          If the box the processor came in is unavailable, the only other way to get the number is to physically look at the top of the processor which would require you to remove the heatsink fan assembly and wipe off the thermal paste. Once you get the number new thermal paste needs to be applied.


          With the s-spec number you can figure out the correct multiplier setting in the BIOS. It should happen automatically though but it's possible something isn't configured correctly.


          Maybe also try running the Intel Processor Identification Utility:


          Intel� Processor Identification Utility — Intel� Processor Identification Utility download for Windows*


          That may give you additional information.

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            thank you for replying

            i have some problem in fsb with Intel processor Identification utility runed


            this is real problem i guess and can anyone please tell how and what is this problem?

            and thank in advance and thanks brad i got to know what is the problem

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              The mystery deepens. Here's another utility to install to get some more info:


              CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting


              Download the top English executable and then run it to install. Just be sure to uncheck boxes if it asks to install some search bar in your browser, reset your home page, install an anti-viral program, etc. Otherwise it's a great simple and safe program.  I'm interested in knowing your brand and model of motherboard, the current BIOS version, and the speed of your memory modules.


              Either your BIOS isn't configured correctly for the processor, the motherboard wasn't designed to handle your speed processor, or possibly the memory is too slow pulling the whole system down. When I was using a P4 3.0GHz processor I was using DDR400 PC3200.

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                This is what i got from this software. i just don't know what is TO be filled by O.E.M in main board

                because computer motherboard was burned a year ago.7.JPG

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                  Looks like the motherboard cut corners by using a mobile chipset, but this is a regular desktop motherboard? The processor is a desktop processor with a rated front side bus of 800MHz but the chipset supports a 533MHz FSB maximum. You are using a processor that isn't supported by the motherboard chipset.  The clock multiplier of 15 is correct but the bus speed is too low.  The way the P4 works is it takes the bus speed frequency and multiplies it by 4 to get the rated FSB. Also the bus speed is multiplied by 15 to get the core speed.


                  If the BIOS allows it, try increasing the multiplier to any value allowed up to 22. That's really the only thing you can do. You can't mess with the bus speed because of the chipset limitation.


                  The memory modules aren't matched which may contribute to the problem but not sure. If anything there's a big performance hit because the system defaults to the slower speed module.