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    Specifications for the Intel ® HD Graphics 2500 driver


      I'm Japanese.
      Newly replaced Z77 i5-3470 motherboard and chipset, but a clean install (32bit) WindowsXPSP3,
      Only install the graphics driver and chipset driver that is included in the CD accompanying the product, as shown in a balloon from the task tray
      "This is the optimal resolution notification of detailed information. Appears not in the best resolution for the primary display device. Optimal resolution when clicked is 800 × 600. A" This notification is displayed.

      Resolution is "800x600" as related to this problem, using the display switching unit.

      Is improved as a way to eliminate this trouble, and to the third memory, from left to Hardware Acceleration slider in → Troubleshooting Advanced tab Properties → screen, for assistance graphic is lost, there is no meaning in this.

      In the G41 chipset motherboard and AMD chipset, trouble does not occur.
      About the monitor is capable of displaying up to 2048 × 1536 dots, to 80Hz.
      On the device manager, other than a driver that is not installed! And marks are not included.
      Connection cable of the display is the D-SUB15 pin.

      The deal was carried out as follows, we will not lead to a fundamental improvement.
      Installs all of the drivers and monitor information file all of the accompanying product CD
      Tested in the same type of motherboard and CPU of the same type from a dealer
      Direct connection or replace the display cable
      BIOS Updates
      Apply the latest drivers on the site of Intel and motherboard manufacturers

      Have confirmed the phenomenon motherboard manufacturer defect,
      Specification of the monitor as it's, I do not solve the problem.

      As a manufacturer that has created a driver, request an improvement

      If there is a way to solve this problem, please let me know.