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    CPU damaged by Motherboard?

    Jhonny Eriksson



      Yesterday I tried to boot a troublesome system (ASUS Z9PE-D16 MB, Intel Xeon E5-2670) replacing the PSU with a new Corsair HX1050. At first a lot of strange errors occured but after clearing CMOS the system was able to boot. This being a new system the only things that were done were a brief look in BIOS (5-6min.) to check that everything looked OK. With the history of the system being troublesome I wanted to ensure the function of the new PSU, so I shut down the system, shut down the PSU, turned on the PSU and tried to boot again.


      The fans started moving but lasting 30 sec. the monitor didn't start. Just as I tought. OK back to being bad again it turned worse. As I tried to get the system responding I felt a bad smell. So I immediately shut the system down and tried to locate the smell. It felt like it had spread in the air which make me think it was transported by the fans.


      I had the Motherboard mounted on my desk with it's plastic sleeve underneath. Maybe not the smartest thing.I did ask if it was OK on the ASUS forum and since no one objeted I thought it would be OK. So now I am scared to **** that I burnt the CPU. The cooler was on at all times and the system didn't run longer than a couple of sec. before the smell came so it feels wierd if that much heat was generated so fast (only running POST and BIOS).


      I dismounted the CPU cooler (which I didn't feel any heat off) and had a look on it and the socket. I can't see any marks or anything, moving on the the motherboard I could not locate any burnt spot there either. The PSU do give of some smell but not like the one I felt.


      Is it possible that the bad motherboard fried the CPU at instant startup?

      (I do not have the resources to test it in spare equipment so I can't tell by testing...)


      Also, speaking with ASUS support they wanted me to try the CPU in Socket2 on the motherboard which I am afraid of doing since I do not want to run the risk of damaging the CPU (if it hasn't already...)