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    Calling RCCE_wait() after RCCE_iset_power()


      Is it compulsory to call RCCE_wait_power() after each RCCE_iset_power() call ? I have an application which calls RCCE_iset_power() twice with a delay of about 1 min in between. The second call is just ignored, and I am not sure why it is behaving like that. Ignored in the sense, when I do sccBmc -c status, the result suggest that the voltage is not changed, also the third parameter of RCCE_iset_power() suggest as if the function call is ignored. Whereas if I use RCCE_wait_power() instead of long delay, both RCCE_iset_power() call performs exactly as expected while taking very less time of the order of few milliseconds.



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          Hi nitesh,


          In RCCE library, there is a global variable which donotes whether power scaling is active. RCCE_iset_power() will sets the variable as ture, and RCCE_wait_power() sets it false.

          So I consider that the reason the second RCCE_iset_power() was ignored was that this variable still  was ture.


          Hope this helps.