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    Mainboard DQ77MK: onboard NIC fails


      I own a DQ77MK mainboard. It's equipped with two gigabit NICS: an 82579LM and an 82574L. One NIC is connected to a production segment, one to a management segment. The 82574L fails frequently, after somewhere in between half a day and a week. A check right after connectivity is lost shows that - according to Windows - the NIC is disconnected from the network. this is NOT the case: NIC LEDs are still active and the link on the switch is still up. After a couple of seconds the NIC completely disappears from the Windows network control panel. If I swap the network cables and IPs the problem reoccurs on the other network so it seems to be 82574L related.



      DQ77MK BIOS 0054

      NICs connected @ gigabit

      Problem is reproducible on Windows 7, 8 and 2012 server


      Driver Provider: Microsoft

      Driver Date: 2/29/2012

      Driver version:


      Driver details:


      Provider: Intel Corporation

      File Version:


      Any clues about what's going on? Hardware / firmware / driver bugs? Something else? Thanks!