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    Firmware update on MFSYS25 compute modules hangs




      We recently did a firmware update on one of our blade servers... this required an update to 2.7 and then 6.10. During both updates, when the management module had flashed itself and had come back up, the web interface was indicating that the boot firmware on the compute modules was updating. They remained in the updating state indefinitely (I waited a couple hours the first time) until I finally pulled and re-seated each blade (the one thing it tells you not to do, but I couldn't do much else), which caused it to come back up, flash the boot firmware properly, and allow the BIOS firmware to be updated.


      The first time, I assumed this may be some incorrect BIOS setting or something, so I reset all the BIOS settings after the first firmware update (as is suggested by the upgrade procedure anyways), however, it happened after the second update also.


      Is there some fix for this problem or does this indicate a particular hardware fault of some kind?


      Thanks for any suggestions...