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    Secure Boot not Working


      Windows 8 UEFI install with Secure Boot enabled in the firmware and boots fine to UEFI, but Secure Boot is not being utilized.

      Why isn't Secure Boot working?



      MSINFO32 reports Secure Boot is off:


      OS Name     Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

      BIOS Version/Date     Intel Corp. GKPPT10H.86A.0032.2012.1127.1710, 11/27/2012

      BIOS Mode     UEFI

      Secure Boot State     Off



      PowerShell 'confirm-SecureBootUEFI' also reports false.



      Cannot get it to utilize Secure Boot.


      NUC Model: DC3217IYE


      Other than this Secure Boot item it's a nice unit.


      Thanks for any assistance you can provide to get Secure Boot working.



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          We are currently working to replicate this issue; so far we get the same result with BIOS version 0036. We will let you know as soon as we get further information or results.




          Joe H.


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            Daniel N.

            It looks like Secure Boot is missing the Platform Key specifically for Windows 8 even in BIOS 0039.  How do we get it installed?

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              Appears to be fixed in BIOS 40.


              New option added to generate Intel Platform Key on next boot.

              Set this, rebooted, logged in to Windows 8 Pro as administrator, and Secure Boot is reported to be on.


              msinfo32 reports Secure Boot is on:


              OS Name Microsoft Windows 8 Pro

              BIOS Version/Date Intel Corp. GKPPT10H.86A.0040.2013.0325.1514, 3/25/2013

              BIOS Mode UEFI

              Secure Boot State On


              PowerShell 'confirm-SecureBootUEFI' also reports True.


              NUC Model: DC3217IYE

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                Hi joe

                I am desperate as i bought a nuc yesterday (i5 haswell) and i clicked on secure boot trying to set up the bios (WYOO25-1.BIO).

                From that time there is no way to reach the bios nomatter my efforts.

                I as well disconnected the battery and put it back again, trying to empty the cmos, but no luck.

                Keys do not work at all F2, F7, F10. shift,Delete, nothing.

                Please is there a solution to this?


                I am not using windows if this is helpfull at all.

                Nuc seems to work, ethernet light is on mouse is powered etc but there is no signal at all on screen

                Thanks in advance.



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                  Lef, please try the power button recovery process or access in maintenance mode as explained in the following article:

                  Intel� NUC; Using Fast Boot to reduce boot time