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    Intel DZ77GA-70K Post Codes

    Ian Araujo

      Hi guys, I want to say sorry in advance for making this thread because I'm pretty sure it's been made before about the same issue. I tried to find the older thread about it and I just can't seem to find it, so I figured maybe you guys wouldn't mind helping me out again.


      I have the DZ77GA-70K Motherboard with BIOS version 61 installed.

      My problem is, when I boot the computer up from being completely off, the post codes flash a bunch of random codes, but once the computer is fully booted the codes stay at 00.

      If I then put the computer to sleep, and then wake it up, the post code will show code 30. It will read code 30 until I power down the computer and reboot it again, then it's back to 00.

      Everything is running completely fine though and I'm just wondering if this is a little bug or something.

      I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that code 30 either had to do with recovery or memory. There's no evidence of anything being wrong with either in my system though.


      If anyone can help me out it would really be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Normal behavior. 


          The "00" code appears when the POST (the power on self test routine in the system BIOS that runs every time the machine is rebooted) completes without discovering any errors. This is good.


          However, POST doesn't run when the machine emerges from a sleep condition. Instead, the BIOS just performs a simple check to see if the machine state, as preserved to either memory (S3) or disk (S4), was properly recovered. 30 indicates a successful recovery.  It is a good thing, too.

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            Ian Araujo

            Thank you very much, now I won't worry anymore! Haha