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    [Rapid Storage Technology] Clearing metadata without access to firmwre


      Hello all,


      In a previous machine, I had 2 500 GB WD drives running in a striped set. This was supported by the intel rapid storage built into the chipset.


      The motherboard fried, and as a result, I had to replace the entire machine.


      The challenge is the new machine doesn't have the intel RST built-in, which is necessary to set the drive to a Non-raid member.. One of the drives is recognized normally, however the other drive is seen by Win7 as a 1TB drive that it cannot access (CRC and I/O errors). I am unable to initialize the drive either.


      Manually specifying the driver makes it disappear from the system until reboot (?).


      So, my challenge here is, the obvious solution is to do a low-level format... for that I was just going to do dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdxy via Linux, but the question is, since Windows is seeing the drive as a 1TB drive (despite not having the necessary controller!), does this mean the RST is writing to an area of the drive not normally accessible, meaning my efforts would be moot?