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    Big Problem with Intel DP35DP....help me!


      Hi, I'm Alex and i'm italian, sorry for my bad english.


      I have a big problem with my new Motherboard DP35DP with Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200.

      After the installation inside the case, I will install the OS (Windows XP Pro).

      The PC boot correctly with CD ROM and the installation start. During the installation, XP crash and appears a blue screen of error.

      It say: "If it is the first time that appears this message to restart the pc. Else try to disable cache or shadowing in the bios"


      has someone of you had this problem?


      The PC is New, new motherboard, new CPU. I will install the OS on my master and IDE Hard disk.

      I have tried with WIN XP PRO, WIN VISTA, UBUNTU DESKTOP 32bit and 64bit.


      Please...help me....


      Thanks 4 all.


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          Ciao Alessio, io sono argentino


          Maybe you have a problem with a pc component. Try to change 1 by 1 ur pc parts, first hard disk, then dvd r/rw, and memories (try using just 1 memory stick of DDR2)


          ci vediamo

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            Hi Alex,


            I had the exact same problem on two new systems recently. (System 1: G41 M/board, E7400 CPU, 2x 2Gb DIMMs, GeForce 9600GT PCIE, 500Gb HDD. System 2: P45 M/board, Q9550 CPU, 4x 2Gb DIMMs, GeForce GTS250 PCIE, 500Gb HDD).


            First time startup and HDD partitioning and format was without any problems. Then came the first XP install screen (where it tels you that there is about 37min left to install). The installation then stops and that hiddious "BLUE" error screen pops up - the PC is frozen and you need to restart.


            I also tried and tested by means of elimination, removing each component one by one (as the Error Message suggested). But there was nothing wrong with any of the components (DIMMs, PCIE graphics, etc.). I even went so far as to Disable most BOIS features. Nothing worked. I then tried a different copy of Windows XP and "bob's your uncle", problem solved.


            So it cost me buying a different copy of Windows XP, quick format on the HDD and reinstalling the new OS. Changing the OS installation CD solved my problem, but I dont know for sure if this will work for you as you have tried different OS. Just thought I'd mention it.


            Hope this helps.



            (South Africa)

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              update the latest version the bios.

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                Hi there,


                As you have not included the BSOD, it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot.


                Follow the instructions on this website, it may help to eliminate the errors


                Check this, may be it can help you.


                Website: http://aumha.org/a/stop.htm




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                  In BIOS enter Advanced Settings, Disk configuration, and change SATA type to IDE. or else you need to press F6 during XP installation and provide Mass Storage driver.