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    Support for PS/2 Splitter cable on DH77KC Motherboard.

    Peter Petersen

      I have been working with the DH77KC desktop board and have come across a issue, which i cannot find the answer to in the product specification or anywhere else for that matter.


      The board comes with only 1 PS/2 connector which is marked half green and half purple. When trying to use a PS/2 splitter cable i found that it did not work. So far my conclusion is that only one PS/2 device can be attached to the port at a time.


      I assume that the reason for this is that the connector is pin out follow the normal PS/2 standard which is: Pin1 +Data, Pin2 Not connected, Pin3 GND, Pin4 Vcc, Pin5 +CLK and Pin6 Not conncted, in which case it would not work with a splitter, because there is only one +Data and CLK pin.


      I know that on some boards which also has one PS/2 connector the pin out is a little different, in that two more pins is being used, Pin2  +Data and Pin6  CLK, in which case a PS/2 splitter will work.


      So I need a confirmation that the PS/2 connector on the DH77KC follows the normal standard and not the "extended" one?



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      Peter Petersen

      Service Technician