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    Xeon E-2670 Broken?

    Jhonny Eriksson



      I've just built a new system running the following setup;

      CPU: x1 Intel Xeon E5-2670

      CPU heatsink: Noctua EH D-14 SE2011

      MB: ASUS Z9PE-D16

      Mem.: Corsair Dominator

      PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 850




      After assembling everything strictly according to the manual at first boot I didn't get to far. The system started up 1 sec. (just to get the fans moving) and was then interrupted by a red LED (LED1) on the MB which shut everything down. I am in contact with ASUS regarding that but what I later found out was that if I removed the 8-pin 12V ATX power (supplying the CPU) I got the system "running". I.E. It did not shut down and was not interrupted by the red LED, however obviously, no I/O activity.


      So I've checked a lot of stuff. Two different PSU, running the system stripped etc. but most importantly checked the CPU for errors. I did a careful inspection of the socket and could not locate any bend pins or anything looking strange. The CPU itself looks close to brand new (just a small "hard to notice" scratch on the top). However, I did have issues mounting the heatsink. I don't know why (and I'll spoke to Nocuta about it) but it felt like I had to apply way too much pressure in order to fasten the screws. So now I wonder. Could I accidently have broken something on the CPU while fastening the heatsink (applying pressure)?


      It worries me when the system keeps running with no power to the CPU, and shuts down when power is supplied to the CPU. The system has not been run at all so I don't think that could have done any damage.


      Very grateful for help.


      Best Regards

      Jhonny Eriksson