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    Intel Smart Response, SSD (System Drive.)  HDD Data Drive, and another SSD as Cache?


      So I have a GA-Z77X-UD5H version 1.1, it has a mSATA port integrated onto the mainboard.


      128GB SSD (System Partition.)

      2TB HDD - divided 500GB ~ Less frequented programs, 1.5TB - Data

      300 GB HDDD - From old PC, as just a backup at the moment.


      What I was wondering, If i were to buy this CT032M4SSD3 32GB mSATA SSD and put it on the mainboard, and enable intel Smart Response on my mainboard, would I be able to program it to ONLY cache data from the 500GB less frequent program drive?  Would this be beneficial?   Or is that not possible / would I be spinning my wheels.   The other option is Crucial's Cache setup, would it work with that?


      Thank you all soo much!