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    DZ77RE-75K Loses Marvell Drives


      Building a new system with brand new DZ77RE-75K.

      All SATA ports are fully populated and have about 8TB total with various sizes of WDC, Seagate, Intel 520 SSD thoughout the system.

      As I move files to/from drives on the marvell they all of a sudden disappear. They come back after reboot.

      The drives work fine themselves on the previous system i'm migrating from (ASUS Maximus Extreme IV)

      There other posts of this happening on other boards, but I haven't seen reports on this boards.

      Is anyone else having this problem? Is it drivers? BIOS? Config?


      I'm already using the newely posted BIOS 61 with a i7-3770K.



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          Hello LordChariot, have you checked if your power supply is sufficient for your configuration? If it is then I would suggest to try backing up the data in the marvel* ports and do a format to do a fresh start on them.


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            I have the same issue with 061 BIOS and the Marvell SATA ports on DZ77GA-70K board, corsair 850W PSU and newly formatted HDDs. Marvell SATA ports will disappear under heavy I/O on those HDDs and only reappear after reboot.

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              It would be unlikely it's a power supply issue with a 1200W PS.

              The last couple of days I've been carefully building this again trying to get it "Just Right".

              Starting with one drive. Loading Win7x64 one driver at a time. Trying to get as much as possible into the F6 phase as possible and Cloning the drive in between major successful steps. It's probably just me, but that's the way i roll.


              Seems to be stable enough ATM, but I only have device drivers loaded enough to get rid of the yellows in device manager. i haven't gone in and loaded all the packages like rapid storage, Desktop utilities, management engine, etc.


              I haven't even tried to power up the drives on the marvell yet. More to come once i do.


              One odd thing i noticed on one of the installs was blue screens frequently at one point. It may be coincidental, but it happened right after installing the motorola bluetooth packages. i haven't gotten that far in this iteration yet. still using the MS generic bluetooth. I need to get a good stable working machine built and at least clone the HD before I start playing around with the frills.


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                What are you trying to load "during the F6 phase"?  RAID drivers?

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                  It's really a combination of WAIK/DISM and using F6 to get the chipset, marvel, intel and network drivers in during the install.


                  But i'm way past that point now. I have a good, stable running install of Win7x64 and running with a normal daily workload for 2 days. seems to work.

                  Now I'm trying to get my Rapid Storage to work with Acceleration (


                  Sata0: ST750LX003 Momentus XT

                  Sata1: Intel SSDSC2CW480A (400i) Intel 520 480Gig


                  I can get a 64Gig partition accelerating against the boot drive, but i'm trying to get the remaining 383Gig partitioned and mounted for a little storage, mostly for %TEMP% stuff.


                  Every time i create the partition in Disk Managment or DISKPART or explorer, i have trouble formatting it. Every attempt to format that partition causes the SSD drive to fail. The IRST app throws up messages indicating that SATA_Array_0001 failed. Volume is inaccessible and to mark it as normal to get it running again.


                  Even doing that doesn't do much. I try shutdown/reboot and even the device enumeration on the boot screens won't see it. Once i can get back into IRST app, i have to clear the metadata. That at least gets me to reboot into Ctrl-I and clear/reset the RAID and Acceleration to start all over again.


                  So, the real question is, can you even use that extra space on the SSD at all? It would seem a waste of the drive if all i could use was 64Meg dedicated to it.


                  ..And note that despite all the driver load fun i did and marvell controller dropping off, this also happened on a fresh factory CD install with no funny business the first time i installed Win7. It has just taken me a few days to revisit this issue. I had hoped it would work this time around,l but no love.


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                    Marvell issue on this board is the same with the 70K board. They use the same BIOS. I'm not surprised Intel has not commented on here. MODERATORS MY *** (YEAH INTEL! YOU HEARD ME!) You can't even reply to my emails regarding my open ticket, why would you bother replying in these threads! *shrug* I paid (as well as everyone else) a fortune for your motherboard, when every other company is selling theirs for half the price. Excellent service as usual! Intel boards are only good 5 years after they come out - cause that's when all the BIOS updates are done and bugs are fixed!

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                      I just discovered my -70K does this, too on BIOS 0061.  Never noticed a problem with other versions, but it may have been there all along.


                      I was beginning to feel left out.

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                        Well, I finally have a configured stable system just the way i like it and was ready to try the marvell ports again.


                        Alas, same thing. Freshly cleaned drives, updated drivers, total failure when trying to write to the drives.

                        This happens inside Win7 with just file copy, and with cloning the disk using Seagate/Acronis DiscWizard in it's WinPE-like mode, AND in Linux booting from CD and doing a dd.


                        This definitely tells me it's not OS/driver related and something in the hardware. I wouldn't know if BIOS can help or if it's a fundamental hardware issue with the architecture. But the fact remains that i can't use them, and i really need to.




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                          New BIOS version 63 resolves the Marvel controller issue with drives missing.

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                            So far version 63 seems to work. Doing some data copies between drives now. Got way further than I did before.

                            Hopefully, this takes care of it...until the next version

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                              Hello LordChariot, the released BIOS 0063 addresses the issue on the Marvel* controller as stated by cawbawx.


                              Hopefully you don't experience any additional issues



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                                So far, so good. BIOS 63 has let me transfer about 4 TB of data between drives on the 2 Marvel ports without a problem yet.

                                Looks like it should be good to go.


                                Now if only i could get them to be RAID0 instead of just AHCI